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Delivery Time

The delivery time of your project depends on a few factors, main one being the complexity of the project. Many projects are completed within the same day, while others require substantial amount of time. The approximate delivery time will be discussed during our meetings.

Payment Methods

– Bank wire

– Credit/Debit Card

Intellectual Property Protection / NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement

You don’t have to worry that we will re-distribute your ideas, systems, strategies, trading rules or specifications. We are coders and we understand the importance of IP protection.


Lifetime warranty

We are so confident in our level of professionalism and high quality of code that our company provides a lifetime guarantee of a bug-free products. What that means is that we commit to fix any bug found, free of charge, once the project is completed.

Testing and Support

The testing is performed by the customer. The lifetime support for your software is according to the original specifications of the project. Support includes but is not limited to:

– fixing bugs.

– editing the software to meet the original specifications of the client, if the software is deviating from those.

– setup and installation of the software (if required by the client).

The process of developing your software is really simple and we will discuss these steps in our calls/chats/meetings but here is pretty much how it goes:

– you have an idea that you lay down on a piece of paper/web sheet or just in your head

– you contact us, explain vaguely what you need (no specifics at that point)

– we present you an offer (time/cost)

– in case you accept, we have further meetings/talks where specifics are now discussed. 

– we start working on the project

– beta version is ready, we test to make sure it meets your specifications

– we send you a version for tests. If you find anything wrong, you give us a feedback and we fix it. This process might repeat a few times until you are fully satisfied with the results.

Customer Responsibilities

The customer is responsible to provide us with a complete description and specification of his/her software concept, including additional third party indicators, images or anything else that is not part of the standard MQL4/MQL5 library. 

In case inaccurate or incomplete specification is provided, further charges may occur in order to meet your final specification.

It is the customer’s obligation to test the software and report bugs or other errors found. Images/Screenshots, log are to be sent to us in order to fix the issues as fast as possible.


Refund Policy

 The customer may request a refund anytime before a compiled version of the software was sent.